LTD Plan Summary PPT

LTD Plan Selection PPT from meetings (.pdf)


Those currently receiving LTD benefits from the SGEU LTD Plan will continue to receive those benefits.  All pending claims will be also assessed by SGEU as they would have been in the past.

The SFA will be complying with the articles of the SGEU LTD Plan text that identify the requirements for continuance of benefits. The Plan text may be viewed by following the link

See article 3.7 in particular.



Procedures & Contacts

SPFA LTD Group Plan Number:  165939



  1. Complete Employee’s Statement form, and have your doctor complete applicable form(s) available by navigating the top menu Benefits >> SPFA LTD >> LTD Plan Form, or online at:

  2. Notify HR of your claim application and have them complete the Employer’s Statement form.

  3. Send all completed forms to Canada Life.


For assistance completing application forms or questions regarding LTD, contact:

Lori Cook

Client Relationship Supervisor

 DIRECT: 306.986.1370

TOLL FREE: 1.844.242.9642

HEAD OFFICE: #600 – 123 2nd Ave. S.

Saskatoon SK S7K 7E6


Mary Anderson

Customer Service Representative

 TOLL FREE: 1.844.242.9642

DIRECT: 306.986.1357
FAX: 306.934.6012

HEAD OFFICE: #600 – 123 2nd Ave. S. Saskatoon, SK S7K 7E6


Canada Life

Toll free:  1-800-361-9007

Canada Life website: