SPFA - COVID-19 Pandemic Response

On September 18th and 21st, 2020 the SPFA conducted a lunch meeting to relay the findings of its Covid-19 Faculty Survey. At this meeting, the SPFA relayed the findings and took questions from the membership. The questions posed by membership have been logged into an FAQ and are available on the website under RESOURCES->SURVEYS->COVID19->Survey Presentation LOU-COVID. If you were unable to attend either presentation,  please click on the following links to access and view the presentations.

Sept 18, 2020 SPFA Lunch and Learn.mp4.

Sept 21, 2020 SPFA Lunch and Learn.mp4.

In response to the survey results, the SPFA Executive Council drafted an LOU that addresses the immediate needs of faculty in relation to the pandemic and presented it to Sask Polytech senior management for consideration.

The DRAFT LOU is meant to give guidance and provisions on Emergency Measures, Hours of Work, Academic Freedom and Intellectual Property, Professional Development, Access to Equipment and Premises, Student Evaluations, Faculty Performance, Health and Safety and Accommodations and Leaves. A copy of the DRAFT LOU is available on the website under RESOURCES->SURVEYS->COVID19->DRAFT LOU COVID.

Prior to the survey being completed and in response to the pandemic, the SPFA presented an LOU to Sask Polytech senior management regarding Copyright. Management has agreed to the LOU and it is available to view on the website under RESOURCES->SURVEYS->COVID19->Copyright LOU COVID.

The SPFA continues to engage management in discussions in an effort to better the workplace for its members during this challenging period. If you or a colleague have any questions or concerns, please contact an SPFA Representative at your earliest convenience and we will be happy to respond and assist.


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